The Website Servers Control Panel was created to bring advancement to the typical website managing user interface. The earlier Control Panel pioneer – cPanel, was created back in the year 2000 and hasn’t ever gone through an important upgrade ever since. The Website Servers Control Panel is built on the concepts of the present, delivering convenience and user friendliness to all site management operations you can think about.

Move down and explore the 2 website management solutions, find out about their advantages and disadvantages and discover which one could address your preferences the most.

1. Domain name/billing/site tools

If you want to handle your domain names, sites and payments from one web address without the need to visit any other panels, the Website Servers Control Panel is exactly for you.

If you require separate site management interfaces – one for your web sites, and yet another from which you can manage your domain names and billing, then cPanel is ideal for you. Nevertheless, you’ll need to log in 2 locations all at once to effectively control your online presence.

2. File Structure

Handling multiple domains and sites from a single web hosting account must be fairly simple. In the Website Servers Control Panel, each domain and subdomain is found in a different directory and is completely independent from the other.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you’ve a single directory for your primary site and all of the other web sites are found within this folder. This makes maintaining a number of websites from one interface very puzzling.

3. File Manager

The Website Servers File Manager is built to function just like your desktop file explorer. Including characteristics such as drag and drop file uploading, right–click navigation menus, archive/unarchive functions, and so forth., it will make working with your files simple and fast. Furthermore, you will discover an in–built WYSIWYG interface and also a back–end code manager.

The File Manager of cPanel is slow and limited in features. Adding various files demands a great deal of time and and won’t include drag & drop support. The in–built zip/unarchive tool is hard to rely on and the file editing instruments provide you with solely general controls. There isn’t easy access to the available file management capabilities.

4. Absolutely free Extras

In case you’re seeking to obtain more for your investment, then the Website Servers Control Panel is the best answer. It arrives with no–cost bonuses that are likely to cost more than $1000. You will be able to utilize Website Servers’s Straightforward Website Installer, Application Installer, 1 Click Framework Installer, Complimentary Site Creator and you’ll have access to a substantial range of freely available website templates.

The complimentary extras incorporated in the cPanel Control Panel can differ from nil to a few. All cost–free bonus features in the cPanel Control Panel are licensed software and are available provided that your website hosting provider has purchased a certificate to distribute them. So, if your supplier freely available extras with your plan, they will in reality scale up the price of the plan.

5. Control Panel Tool Speeds

The Website Servers Control Panel is made utilizing the most current web related technologies. In this way, it uses in full the power of your web browser and Internet connection to so that you can control your web sites fast. In our assessment experiments, when doing identical jobs, the Control Panel demonstrated three times better rates compared to competitive control panel solutions.

cPanel continues to be functioning on a platform from a decade ago and may truly be sluggish at times. The cPanel team has completed a major step with the launch of cPanel accelerated. Then again, in comparison tests, prevalent web site management tasks usually display much better results with less popular Control Panel solutions.

6. Multi–domain name Management

The Website Servers Control Panel helps you to conveniently maintain a wide range of sites and their domains from one location. Each individual web site is going to have its very own unique folder in the root directory of your web hosting account and will also be 100% free from the rest. This way, you need utilize only 1 hosting account to maintain as many domain names and web sites as you want.

With cPanel, it is out of the question to manage your domain names and your websites from one location, since the two user interfaces are divided. You will need to sign into 2 different locations anytime you need to manage your domain settings and site file contents simultaneously.

7. Control Panel Navigation

The Website Servers Control Panel is very simple to navigate. You’ll have a helpful top navigation bar, from which you may get to virtually any section of the Control Panel, with no need to get back to the index page each time. Plus, we have integrated a simple statistics widget on the index page, so when you sign in, you’ll have information of how many visitors have gone to your web site.

The cPanel Control Panel offers all icons in the main page, so that it’s not at all personalized to your particular necessities. Additionally, as soon as you access a menu, you won’t be able to instantly change to another and need to to get back to the homepage alternatively. This kind of navigation can be truly troublesome for you, particularly if you take advantage of many sections anytime you change your websites.

8. Demo Accounts

The Website Servers Control Panel features an all–inclusive demo cloud hosting account. All sections are around for you and you can use them to generate brand–new email accounts and databases, maintain your files, etc. If you appreciate exactly how things look, you’ll be able to join us directly from our demo account.

The cPanel Control Panel is equipped with a simple demo interface that doesn’t offer you access to the primary website administration instruments you want to examine. It will show you the way a basic index page seems like and you will have access to just a few of all available controls. The other capabilities will be inactive unless you sign up.

With the Website Servers Control Panel, controlling your websites will be straightforward and pleasant. Just take a quick look at the Web Hosting Control Panel demo and look into the included resources and functionalities to decide on your own.

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