Whenever you get a new hosting account, your payment is processed, the account is set up and as automated as the whole process may be, there're always some things which are done personally. For a virtual or a dedicated server there are even more things to be done because these kinds of website hosting generally require a manual setup, software installation & configuration, checking the server environment to guarantee that all things are working the way it should, etcetera. To cover the expenses for the time and efforts all these duties take, most companies collect a one-time installation cost to be paid by their clients in addition to the cost for the shared hosting. The charge usually is valid for any new hosting account being ordered and it is hardly ever mentioned on the company’s site, still it appears on your checkout page.
Setup Fee in Shared Hosting
When you obtain a shared hosting package from us, you will not ever have to pay any installation charges. In fact, we do not have other obscured charges of any sort too. We value each and every customer and it is our belief that when you purchase any plan from us, you should not have to pay something more than the cost for the hosting plan. You will not see any hidden charges after or before your purchase, which shows you that we're a reliable and loyal supplier. The price of every shared website hosting plan is the same everywhere on our website - the front page, the order as well as the payment pages. As we offer instant account activation, you won't have to wait for hours or even days to be able to begin creating your web site.
Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our semi-dedicated server packages don't have any sort of installation fees, so if you order your new account, your total fee for the very first month is exactly the same as for your future renewals. As it takes us several min to generate and activate a new semi-dedicated account, we believe that it wouldn't be justified to charge you something for that. You shall see the very same amount on our main page, on the payment page as well as on your bank or PayPal statement and you won't ever be required to pay any kind of extra charges. If you have a standard shared web hosting account from our company and you want a more powerful alternative, we can even transfer all of your content to the brand new semi-dedicated account absolutely free.
Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers
Our dedicated web hosting plans are devoid of any setup or other hidden fees. During the signup process, you will pay only the regular monthly rate for the package that you've selected. Once you place your order, we will assemble and test your brand new machine, then we'll install all of the software that you will need to have a completely functional server - OS, hosting Control Panel when you've chosen one, web server, MySQL, etc. All of these jobs are part of the plan and come free of cost, thus the registration payment and all of your forthcoming renewal payments will be equivalent. If the server is equipped with our in-house built Hepsia hosting Control Panel and you curently have a shared website hosting account from our company, we will even move all your content on your brand new server without charge.